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Embrace Harm Reduction

A month ago I spent a weekend at a rave in the forest of Hope, British Columbia. This event was essentially a mini festival and one of the biggest social gatherings I had been to since COVID 19 gripped the world.  Aside from getting a chance to escape the city and dance, I was also excited to attend because I had signed up to volunteer with the event's harm reduction crew. For anyone that doesn't know, harm reduction, in the context of a mini festival, is the concept of creating a safe and welcoming space for those that are having challenging mental experiences. This can be anything from a "bad" trip on a psychedelic drug to emotional distress from a relationship issue....

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Psychedelic Privilege

The psychedelic experience can afford an individual with an array of psychological tools that, if given some attention and intention, can be utilized for self-actualization. In this light, I think it is clear to see that self actualization itself is a privilege. By definition, self actualization only occurs after basic needs are met. Basic needs such as security and safety. Basic needs that, as a result of an oppressive system, are not afforded to everyone as a direct result of something as arbitrary as one’s skin color.

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