🇨🇦 With 10% of profits going to MAPS to fund psychedelic research

About Us

We see the tremendous potential of psychedelics to help make an impact. The Flying Sage provides high quality psychedelic apparel and accessories right to your doorstep. Most importantly, sales from every purchase go directly to M.A.P.S to help fund psychedelic research. 


Psychedelics play a big role in shaping your worldview and we feel that you should be able to represent this with what you wear while looking modern, sophisticated and vibrant!


What is a Flying Sage?


In classical philosophy, a Sage is "someone who has attained wisdom".
A Flying Sage is someone who has attained some of this wisdom through the aid of pharmacological teachers -- be it mushrooms, cannabis, LSD, peyote, DMT, Ayahuasca etc...
There are two steps to becoming a flying sage...
1.) protect the environment by not purchasing from pesky dropshippers
2.) embrace paradox