Frequently Asked Questions


1.) Where is your business based? 

We are based in Vancouver, BC, Canada!

2.) What is a Flying Sage? 

In classical philosophy, a sage is “someone who has attained wisdom”. A Flying Sage is someone who has attained wisdom with the help of psychedelic medicine.

3.) How much do you charge for your events?

At the moment, all our events are by donation. Pay whatever you can - we'll treat you just the same

4.) Are you based in other cities as well?

Currently, our in-person events are only available in the Vancouver area. However, we we have team members in other cities as well. If you would like to assist with psychedelic community building in your city, please reach out to us. Our online community is available to ALL. 

Psychedelic Community

We offer a range in-person events in Vancouver including Integration Circles, Expansion seminars

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Looking for a psychedelic guide? We have you covered.

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